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I have my posts generating a :key_code when created. I want a user to be able to use that code in a form field to destroy the post they made, without being signed in. My difficulty is with form_tag... how could I make a form_tag view to check the :key_code entered with the one stored in the database? I'm having a hard time understanding form_tag.

My route looks like this:

get 'posts/:id/code' => 'posts#code', :as => :code

Any help is much appreciated

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If I understand correctly then your route is wrong as you need a dynamic param code, so you should use :code instead of simply code:

get 'posts/:id/:code' => 'posts#code', :as => :code

To generate a url to that route in form_tag you use:

form_tag code_path(@post, :code => @post.key_code)
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Thanks for responding. Looks like that's a big part of the problem. What would you do about the needed controller-side code? Store it in that 'code' method in the posts controller? Also, do you happen to have any good resources that helped you understand all these conventions you used? – jbearden Aug 20 '12 at 10:50
Not sure if I can't point to any specific resources. Regarding the controller stuff: I would not create a separate code action as you already have a destroy method, but I would change the way user authorization works for destroy action to allow authentication by params[:code]. So you can then destroy posts with usual URL with code param: DELETE /posts/1?code=xxx – Michał Szajbe Aug 20 '12 at 11:11

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