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I am doing a modal view controller (changeviewcontroller) that will be appeared just 5 seconds , so how to do that ? what are the important codes i need to write?

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May I ask why?? –  0x7fffffff Aug 20 '12 at 10:36

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Try this: create a method in you modalview controller class to dismiss modal view controllr.

   [self dissmissModalViewController];

Call this method with a delay of 5 seconds, from your viewdidLoad method.

  [self performSelector @selector(dismissModal) afterDelay:5.0 ];


check the syntax, i am not using xcode .

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Look in to the NSTimer class. Set it to run 5 seconds and invoke a selecor to dismiss the view. It's all in the Apple Documentation

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Do this:

 [UIView animateWithDuration:5

   //add you modal view here
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[NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:5.0 target:self selector:@selector(theSelector) userInfo:nil repeats:NO];

This should do it. Just insert the right selector.

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Use the -performSelector:withObject:afterDelay: method:

   [self performSelector:@selector(openController) withObject:nil afterDelay:5.0];

    //present the view controller
    SomeViewController *ctrl = ....;
    [self present...];
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For MVC(Model View Controller)

                 [self performSelector:@selector(CloseViewController) withObject:nil afterDelay:5.0];



        [yourViewController dissmissModalViewController];

if you use here any view then its also work pretty like bellow

        [self performSelector:@selector(hideView) withObject:nil afterDelay:5.0];

    CATransition *animation = [CATransition animation];
    [animation setDelegate:self];   
    [animation setType:kCATransitionFromBottom];
    [animation setDuration:1.0];
    [animation setTimingFunction:[CAMediaTimingFunction functionWithName:
    [[yourView layer] addAnimation:animation forKey:@"transitionViewAnimation"];

in above i use Imageview Insted of MVC. I hope its useful for you... :)

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