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I have an array that has been sorted from low to high which has over 260k values in. I have found out the mean(average) and median of the array just need to find out the mode?

I cannot use any mathematical functions that PHP has, it has to be all done manually.

I would like it so there could be just one value that is the mode but then there can be multiple values that can be the mode. I also need to be able to record the number of times that the value is stored. For example the number 51 appears 6 times so I can print both values.

This is my code so far:

$amountRecords = 0;
$totalValue = 0;
$valueArray = array();

// reads in csv file
$handle = fopen('Task1-DataForMeanMedianMode.csv', 'r');
// to skip the header names/values

// creates array containing variables of csv file in ascending order
while(($row = fgetcsv($handle, "\r")) != FALSE)

    // if amountRecords equals 0
    if($amountRecords == 0)

        // adds value from csv to array
        $valueArray[] = $row[1];

    } // else amountRecords does not equal 0

        // if the value in array location before is greater than the current value from the csv file
        if($valueArray[$amountRecords - 1] > $row[1])

             // the current array location becomes the one in the location before
             $valueArray[] = $valueArray[$amountRecords - 1];
             // add the value from the csv to the location before
             $valueArray[$amountRecords - 1] = $row[1];

         } // if the value in the location before is not greater than the current value in the csv file

             // adds value from csv to array
             $valueArray[] = $row[1];



    // calculates the total value of the values in csv file
    $totalValue = $totalValue + $row[1];
    // calculates the number of values in the csv file


// calculate average value of payments
$averageValue = $totalValue / $amountRecords;
// limit integer to 2 decimal place
$average = number_format($averageValue,2,'.','');

// finds middle value
$middle = floor(($amountRecords / 2) - 1);

// calculates the median value
// if array size is even
if($amountRecords % 2 == 0)

    // calculates median
    $median = $valueArray[$middle];

else // if array size is odd

    // calculate low and high values
    $low = $valueArray[$middle];
    $high = $valueArray[$middle + 1];
    // calculates median
    $median = (($low + $high) / 2);


// works out mode
// creates array count
$count = array();
// for each value in the valueArray
foreach( $valueArray as $value )

    if( isset( $count[$value] ))



        $count[$value] = 1;



$mostCommon = "";
$iter = 0;

foreach( $count as $k => $v )

     if( $v > $iter )

         $mostCommon = $k;
         $iter = $v;



$modeArray = array( "mode" => $mostCommon , "count" => $iter );
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The mode of a numerical set is the number that occurs the most often. You can do this with PHP using code similar to the following:

$values = array_count_values($valueArray); 
$mode = array_search(max($values), $values);
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Like I said in my post it has to be done manually without using any mathematical functions PHP has. This includes count and max and min etc. – Josh Pullin Aug 20 '12 at 10:43
@JoshPullin Smells like homework if thats the case – Sammaye Aug 20 '12 at 10:43
Have a go at working out the mode and then we can help you out with it. Based on the code above, it looks like you haven't even attempted it. – White Elephant Aug 20 '12 at 11:14
@WhiteElephant I have something but it only returns one value not multiple if there multiple. I have edited my original post with the added mode code that I have done. – Josh Pullin Aug 20 '12 at 11:25
This solution is good, but if there are more than one mode numbers, its only pick the first one of the order in the array. I am trying to get all numbers that occurs the most often, for example {2,2,3,3,1} -> I need to get 2 and 3. Can you have any other solution? Sorry for my poor English – kayla Aug 10 '15 at 12:48

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