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I'd like to connect a Flash Player instance (AMF3) to a Java LocalConnection. I know how to implement the AMF3 spec, since I've done a lot of work with Red5, but I'm unsure how to navigate building the actual LocalConnection interface. There is C code provided here, but I can't speak C to save my life. Does anyone know of a Java implementation of the Flash Player LocalConnection?

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Flash local connection use Shared Memory (see

To use that in Java, (I suppose) you need write a JNI Wrapper to read it.

The other (easier) solution, is create a socket server (your Java Application) where the client (Flash Application) communicate with.

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Not sure if this is useful to you, but there is a project called the merapi project that bridges between adobe air and java, not sure if you could adopt this for a flash player stand alone. See what you think.

Merapi Project

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