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Oracle SQL*Plus interprets the at sign, @ as a command to run a SQL script.

I have a .sql script which contains the @ character in comments, such as:

create or replace package mypkg

    Procedure foo

    @param bar blah blah blah
  procedure foo(bar varchar2);

end mypkg;

How can I disable processing of the at sign? I am already using SET DEFINE OFF and SET SQLPREFIX OFF to disable unwanted processing of metacharacters.

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how do you run the script? – Florin Ghita Aug 20 '12 at 11:36
My script is in a file named MYPKG.sql, and I run it from sqlplus using @MYPKG.sql. – Danilo Piazzalunga Aug 20 '12 at 13:30
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I have used this commenting notation for years so I was surprised this was an issue. I make use of the package "pldoc" to generate documentation. The standard way of commenting is like this (like javadoc):

create or replace package mypkg

  * Procedure foo
  * @param bar blah blah blah
  procedure foo(bar varchar2);

end mypkg;

me@XE> @mypkg.sql

Package created.
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I see. The asterisk symbol, *, prevents SQL*Plus from interpreting the at sign. Thanks! – Danilo Piazzalunga Aug 21 '12 at 7:21

There are a couple of ways to disable the START command (which includes the @ and @@ commands).

One way is to place an appropriate entry in PRODUCT_USER_PROFILE (which is actually a synonym for SYSTEM.PRODUCT_PRIVS). To do so perform an INSERT similar to

  ('SQL*Plus', 'DUMMY', 'START',   'DISABLED')

This requires that the userid you're using have INSERT privileges on PRODUCT_USER_PROFILE.

The second way is to use the -RESTRICT option with an argument of 3 when starting SQL*Plus. This may be simpler, but there are additional commands disabled by -RESTRICT 3 which you may need to have enabled, such as SPOOL. See the section titled "RESTRICT Option" at this page for more info.

Share and enjoy.

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I am running the script using the @ command, so disabling and/or restricting the START is not an option here, sorry. I just wish to stop sqlplus from interpreting metacharacters inside PL/SQL source files. – Danilo Piazzalunga Aug 20 '12 at 13:34
@DaniloPiazzalunga - one other thing you could do would be to use DBMS_UTILITY.EXEC_DDL_STATEMENT to execute the CREATE PACKAGE and CREATE PACKAGE BODY statements - but then you'd have to have an interface other than SQLPlus to do *that in, which gets you right back to the problem you're facing. – Bob Jarvis Aug 20 '12 at 14:45

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