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I want set a breakPoint when a variable changes. For example:

        [downloader addDelegate:sImageAutoSaver];

I want to break the app when downloader changes. For I want to know who changes the variable.

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If downloader is an ivar and you're using Xcode 4.4 you can use debugger console. Place normal breakpoint inside init method of this class or in viewDidLoad (if it's a ViewController) or in general, before downloader is assigned. When execution stops on created breakpoint, type watch set variable -w write self->downloader in debugger console. You'll see Watchpoint created: Watchpoint 1: addr = 0x092359b4 ... message. Next, press continue button and your program will stop whenever variable will be assigned.

After variable breakpoint hits and you'll see only assembly, try to look through execution stack on left navigation panel for methods of your application.

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