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I have a WPF application written using PRISM architecture (MVVM).

I have a 'Filters' Button at the top of the 'Main Window' region and a ListView with rows in it, looks like this :


I would like that when the 'Filters' button is pressed, a user-control will 'slide' (using animation) under the 'Filters' button and reveal itself, pushing the ListView and shrinking it ...

It should look like this when the user-control finishes to appear :


The control that appears will have a 'hide' button that will fire an animation the shrinks it back to the top till it's gone ...

How can I do this in PRISM ? Do I have to select a region for the user-control that appears ?

How do I tell the region to 'show' itself using animation ?

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You may want to look at TransitioningContentControl which is in WPF Toolkit. If it is not what you need, then, I guess, you have to make your own ContentControl, where you can override methods, such as OnContentChanged or OnApplyTemplate and apply custom animation to the content. Once you have the control, setup a region on it, like with simple ContentControl

<toolkit:TransitioningContentControl Regions:RegionManager.RegionName="AnimatedControlRegion" />

register a view with this region

regionManager.RegisterViewWithRegion("AnimatedControlRegion", () => container.Resolve<MyView>());

and navigate to it

regionManager.RequestNavigate("AnimatedControlRegion", new Uri("MyView", UriKind.Relative));

or activate it

var view = container.Resolve<MyView>();
var region = regionManager.Regions["AnimatedControlRegion"];
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