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I was testing a class whilst developing my app and just like any other quick-lazy-method-tweak I did an echo in

function __construct(){
   echo "yaba daba doo"; 

Now, after few tests and all, I thought of checking if the class has been fully compiled thus I wrote:

function __destruct(){
   echo "ends here"; 

Interestingly, even though there was an exit in __construct , it still executed __destruct!

As per my knowledge exit 'kills' the process, doesn't it?

__destruct is called upon when the object has no more reference for the class.

Does that mean, exit(0) does not kill the process on priority?

Is it a PHP bug? because, IMO the script shouldn't go any further?

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It's all in the manual.

The destructor will be called even if script execution is stopped using exit(). Calling exit() in a destructor will prevent the remaining shutdown routines from executing.

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I would take that. – Karma Aug 20 '12 at 11:39

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