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I have a large number of services that my team are building and the auto-generated metadata is getting a bit unmanageable. To combat this, I created a project as a nested site (or sub-site) of the root. This works fine on my IIS local, but doesn't seem to work on a server-based IIS. Is it possible to get URLs like the following:

 - http://server/WebServices  [Root Project]
 - http://server/WebServices/Project1  [Sub Project 1]
 - http://server/WebServices/Project2  [Sub Project 2]

I know that using the routes in the AppHost I can get this effect but the resulting metadata is starting to get huge as they're all in one site. What I want is to be able to manage separate services in separate projects and have them come out in a hierarchy similar to above.

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Look into the implementation of Routes.AddFromAssembly() extension method which goes through all the services are registers routes with the following conventions:


On each of the HTTP Verbs that are implemented.

You should be able to implement your own conventions using a similar approach.

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