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Is there a way to define names for multiple exceptions by using the as keyword or the python 2.5 grammar Exception, e? So if you define an try/except clause with exceptions in a tuple like this ...except (RuntimeError, TypeError, NameError): to also assign names to the errors e.g. like as (Rerr,Terr,Nerr)?

Or do I have to define them separately one by one?

except RuntimeError as Rerr:
except TypeError as Terr:
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But if you need them each named separately, then you're presumably defining separate handler logic for each, in which case what is wrong with the separate definitions?

You can assign a single name to the exception regardless of type:

except (RuntimeError, TypeError, NameError) as e:
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There is nothing wrong with them. I was wondering if it was possible. But the answer of @Daniel Roseman did clarify why this won't work. So thanks to you both. –  LarsVegas Aug 20 '12 at 11:22

You've misunderstood what the as keyword is doing. It's assigning the exception instance itself to the variable, not the class. So whichever type is caught by the except, it will end up in the as variable.

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I did, indeed. Thanks for shedding some light onto the dark corners of my knowledge. –  LarsVegas Aug 20 '12 at 11:21

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