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I have a background image that is positioned correctly on the background of a ul li item.

I want to position it just off the edge of the lime container, however when I do position it correctly it cuts off any part of the image not inside the container.

How can I make it show even if it is outside the container, and not cut off like this?

enter image description here

Desired result

enter image description here


body ul#main_navigation li li:hover > a, body ul#main_navigation li li.over > a
     background-position: 197px 12px;
     background-color: #0F0;
     color: #FFF;
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You can't make a background image show off the edge of it's container, it wouldn't be a background image then! You'll need to restructure your markup –  Liam Aug 20 '12 at 11:33
move your image arrow to div of cardrona in your case. –  user1122857 Aug 20 '12 at 11:59

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You cannot have a background-image protrude from any element. You could use a span attached to the element, or attach the background image to the element next to it, giving the illusion that it is part of the original element.

Personally I would use a span with a background image inside the element positioned to sit outside of the div.

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I dont think you can have an image that breaks the bounds of the container. You could try making the li slightly wider, to accomodate the arrow image and then move the child element to the left.

Or you could just put the arrow as a background on the child element.

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Why do not you put this image as background of the first list item of the sublist?

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