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I am trying to creating a EPUB Reader,and i want to implement Next Previous in webview(html) for that i use this methods

webViewRead.scrollBy(0, 0);
webViewRead.scrollTo(0, webViewRead.getHeight());

but the problem is webViewRead.getContentHeight() is give me the perfect Content height of html file but it not display properly.

    webViewRead.scrollBy(0, 0);
    webViewRead.scrollTo(0, _webviewHeightIndex*webViewRead.getHeight());

    webViewRead.scrollBy(0, 0);
    webViewRead.scrollTo(0, _webviewHeightIndex*webViewRead.getHeight());

here the _webviewHeightIndex if index for page count witch is start from 0 to


it's not giving me the proper paging. is their any other way...

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Check out here and here for epub reading application. This will help you.

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