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I'd like to modify a classpath container initialised by another plug-in. Specifically, I'd like to filter/remove certain classpath entries in the "Android Dependencies" classpath container initialized by the Eclipse Android Development Tools plug-in (ADT).

Currently I'm "modifying" the contents by creating a new classpath container, copying the entries I'm interested from the original Android classpath container and then deleting the original:

    final IPath path = new Path(AdtConstants.CONTAINER_LIBRARIES);
    IClasspathContainer container = findClasspathContainer(classpath, path, project);
    MavenLibrariesClasspathContainer newContainer = new MavenLibrariesClasspathContainer("Android Dependencies", path);

     for(IClasspathEntry entry : container.getClasspathEntries()) {
        if(!entry.getPath().toOSString().contains(File.separator + "libs" + File.separator)) {


                new Path(""),
                new IJavaProject[] { project },
                new IClasspathContainer[] { newContainer },
                new NullProgressMonitor()

However, this is buggy and causes the Eclipse workspace to be (temporarily) broken and looks ugly when Eclipse is restarted.

Is there a more seamless way I can remove classpath entries from a classpath container perhaps without having to delete the whole classpath container and replace it?

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