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We have a nexus repository manager set up. We are running version and I am not able to upgrade at the moment.

The problem I have is that nexus works fine with the standard proxy repositories that come out of the box when nexus is installed. But when I add new repositories such as JBoss, artifacts are not downloaded from them. If i click JBoss in the user inteface I can check the tab "Browse Remote" and see that the artifacts I want really are there. But when I click "Browse Local" the only thing I see is the file archetype-catalog.xml.

What happends is this:

  1. I add a dependency to my project
  2. It is not found beacause it does not exist in the maven central repo
  3. I add a proxy repo in nexus which does contain the artifact I want.
  4. I try to build my project again but the artifact is still not found.

I realize that there can be caching issues here but I have run maven forcing updates (-U parameter), deleted cache files from my local repo, cleared cache in nexus, rebuild metadata, all I can think of and the artifacts are still not found.

Does anyonw know what the problem might be?

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Try this solutions:

  1. Enable (set True) Download Remote Indexes in the proxy repository configuration.
  2. Add the proxy repository to the Public Repositories group.
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The second point did the trick! Thanks –  Ludwig Magnusson Aug 29 '12 at 6:26

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