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I'm trying to constrain a text element with custom font within a square. I'm having difficulties to let the constrainment take place.

My code looks like this for the move function:

if (this.attr("y") > offsetY || this.attr("x") > offsetX) { // keep dragging & storing original x and y
        x : this.ox + dx,
        y : this.oy + dy
} else {
    nowX = Math.min(offsetX, this.ox + dx);
    nowY = Math.min(offsetY, this.oy + dy);
    nowX = Math.max(0, nowX);
    nowY = Math.max(0, nowY);
        x : nowX,
        y : nowY

The constrainment never takes place. However, if I use two squares with this code, it works. What am I overlooking here?

Thanks for your answers :)

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If you used the default text-anchor value of 'middle' when you called paper.text(), the x and y attrs will return the coordinates of the center of the text span -- not its upper left corner, as it would with a rect.

Rather than using the x and y attributes, you should get your coordinates via element.getBBox(), and then use the x and y from the resulting object. That should enable your existing logic to work unimpeded.

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Thanks, I used your suggestion and solved it trough the bbox object! –  Ee-P Aug 21 '12 at 8:05

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