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I'm struggling to generate a dynamic sitemap for SEO purposes in a Wicket 1.5 application. I looked at this example but couldn't understand what they mean exactly.

I see I need to create an xml page and mount it but then it talks about generating the url list. How do I do this part? Is there functionality in Wicket to get a list of mounted pages? According to that link, it's "very easy" to do this in Wicket 1.5 so I must be missing something obvious.

Any tips or pointers gratefully appreciated! Thanks.

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i did exactly this in 2010. there was a wicketstuff-minis project for this. it could be possible it still works if you dig it out of the archives.


the sources must also be somewhere out there..

this was built for wicket 1.4 but i guess they changed enough to make it no longer work.

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