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I tried to fit the following plot(red dot) with zipf distribution in python, F~x^(-a) I just simply chose a=0.56, and plot y = x^(-0.56) and I got the curve as follow: which is obviously wrong, don't know how I can do the curve fit

enter image description here

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Not sure what you are exactly looking for, but if you want to fit a model (function) to data, use scipy.optimize.curve_fit:

from scipy.optimize import curve_fit
from scipy.special import zetac

def f(x, a):
    return (x**-a)/zetac(a)

result = curve_fit(f, x, y, p0=[0.56])
p = result[0]

print p

If you don't trust the normalization, add a second parameter b and fit that as well.

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