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I've been trying to implement the possibility to select rows in a SlickGrid for at couple of days now. Slickgrid has a nice example, which I've followed (at least tried to ;):


However, the selection checkmarks are not displayed in my own implementation, which runs without any errors showing up in my console (other that a couple of images not found).

I'm baffled and would very much appreciate any help, or pointers in the right direction.

My implementation can be found here: http://borup.zapto.org/randomstuff/slickgridsort.htm

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The checkbox is being created and rendered correctly on the grid. I think there is a conflicting CSS class that is setting the width of the select to 350px.

Please check your styles in the main.css file - line 69. This sets the width of the all input tags, including checkboxes to 350px. I think you will need to overwrite this with the proper width for the grid checkboxes - maybe use a column CSS class.

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Thanks so very much! :) –  Fireworm Aug 20 '12 at 18:49

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