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I'm trying to set up a product for our company's XSDs that validates a bunch of XML files against those XSDs.

Our project is maven based, and I use an ant script to generate catalog files (which makes it easier to add all those schemas to an eclipse instance).

The problem I have is that I'm unable to to set up a maven or ant task that validates a bunch of example xml files against those schemas by using the XML catalog. I don't want to explicitly define the URN to XSD rules for all these schemas (that's what I have the XML Catalg for).

I've tried the following setups:



This fails to parse the catalog.xml. The base catalog.xml contains relative nextCatalog entries, which are not correctly expanded (the absolute path is wrong). When I directly add the 2 catalog.xml entries to the pom, only the first one is parsed.

But even if only the first catalog.xml file is parsed is fails to validate the xml file:

 line 4,  column 191: cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'mtc:SERVICE_ORDER_MSG'.

The example XML file are valid, so apparently maven doesn't link the schemas loaded via the catalog with the validator. With -X I do see it processes the catalog and sees the schemas and their namespaces.


With ant I tried the following set up (tried various suggestions found on the internet):

<target name="test">
    <schemavalidate warn="true" failonerror="true" fullchecking="true">
        <fileset dir="src/test/xml">
            <include name="ASN_207a44e3-0aeb6cd8-551ffcc2-2ca1409a.xml" />
                <pathelement location="resolver.jar" />
                <pathelement location="ant-apache-resolver-1.8.4.jar" />
                    <pathelement location="target/classes/MTC/catalog.xml" />

In this case I get no indication that the catalog file is parsed. I only get the error of unexpected elements. When I change the ant script to directly use the schema files it works, but that's not the set up I want.

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I ended up by creating a validationSet in the maven project for each XSD and with the files to test against in separate folders.


The second catalog.xml is apparently read properly.

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