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I'm trying to create a Build system for an cuda-example project using the GNU Autotools. I got it running right now, but I'm sure it is quite ugly and cancelling out the portability advantages of the Autotools.

I have a first question concerning the -l flag of g++. Right now I got the following line in my Makefile.am:

LIBS = -lcuda -lcudart

that includes the arguments in the correct place for compilation but I'm wondering if they shouldn't be set in configure.ac. I'm not familiar with the Autotools so this is a beginners question for sure but I could find any hint. The only thing I found is concerning dependency generation which I haven't worked with until now.

I hope I can clean up my project and then share the result, so other do not spend so much time as I do. If anyone can tell me, where to find a complete cuda-autotools-sample project it would be great and can drop my intent.

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I can tell you from my experience: I use cmake to configure CUDA building (which is also cross-platform). And in my opinion, the syntax of .am files sometime could be really ugly.. So if you are not particularly fixed on automake, I can provide you a working example how to do this with cmake: in the long run, there is just a command 'cuda_compile' which you apply on 'cu' files –  user1545642 Aug 21 '12 at 9:02
Thanks for your offer, currently I'm fixed to automake, but there is a discussion going on if the project I'm building a cuda-addon for should switch to cmake. Currently I got a pretty ugly automake-solution for my addon, which I suspect to be unportable. If anyone is interested in it, I would like to share, but since its ugly I won't post it right now. If we switch to cmake, I would really be happy if you asm could provide your working example. Thanks in advance. –  soriak Aug 22 '12 at 12:23

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