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I want to show a devise user provide inside another view.


<%= render "devise/registrations/edit" %>       

I just converted the default edit view into a partial. To support the user to be available as a "resource", I have the following helper.

module HomeprivateHelper
 def resource_name

 def resource
   @resource ||= User.new

 def devise_mapping
  @devise_mapping ||= Devise.mappings[:user]

But if I sign in, and go to /homeprivate/profile -- I see all fields are empty. Somehow the current user is not mapped to the form. How do I map the current user to the profile view if it is displayed in a custom view? Seems like User.new is used, not the current user.

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I'm fairly new to rails, but I got the same issue and figured out how to fill those empty fields. In your helper, instead of user.new use current_user. It should look like this:

def resource
@resource ||= current_user

That should work.

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