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If you defined a given field as boolean, then it will be stored as boolean , if you define the attribute as integer, then it will have the value 1 or 0, and if it's a String, you will have "1" or "0". But i want to store a text when the checkbox is checked and empty when not checked. Is this is possible?

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So the text column should contain "checked" or "empty"? Or by empty do you mean nil? Any particular reason you need to break conventions like this? Anyway, you could use a callback in the model (say, before_validation) to set the attribute to "checked" or nil (or "empty"). –  Tom L Aug 20 '12 at 13:02
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In your create/update action, add an extra check to see the value of as posted by your form. Based on that value you can set it to whatever string you want,

.i.e if check.checked? check = "string A" or "string B"

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