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My view has a tabpanel with 2 containers containing a treePanel. Some rows in the treePanel have to contain buttons.

To add buttons to the treeGrid I use render():


var feedbackButtons =  new Array("Ok", "Cancel");
var buttonText = '';
line.set(gridView.m_columnIds[i], '<div id="test" ></div>');


for (var nr in feedbackButtons) {
        text: feedbackButtons[nr],
        lineId: lineId,
        gridView: gridView,
        style: {
            display: 'inline-block',
            marginRight: '3px',
            backgroundColor: '#743'
        handler: gridView._onButtonClicked
    }).render(document.body, 'test');


Adding a row to an inactive (not shown) treePanel is resulting in a button with a height of 0px.


Current workaround:

Currently I'm ussing css to fix it:

Ext.util.CSS.createStyleSheet('button { height: 16px!important; } \n', null);

Has anyone a solution for this problem.

I assume it is a bug!

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