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Since version 1.9.0, Twig provides the html_attr strategy for the escape filter (see documentation).

The html strategy uses the htmlspecialchars PHP function (this is confirmed by a quick look at the source). The html_attr strategy uses a series of custom substitutions that seem to have the same effect eventually.

Is there a difference between the two strategies?

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The source says:

 * While HTML supports far more named entities, the lowest common denominator
 * has become HTML5's XML Serialisation which is restricted to the those named
 * entities that XML supports. Using HTML entities would result in this error:
 *     XML Parsing Error: undefined entity

In practice, the html strategy only changes the characters that have a special meaning in HTML, while the html_attr strategy replaces nearly all non-alphanumeric characters, including spaces. See the example:

See this text, OK?

html:      See this <b>text</b>, OK?
html_attr: See this <b>text</b>, OK?

In my understanding, for HTML, you can use the html strategy, for XML documents, you better use the html_attr strategy, but I have not tried this in practice.

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