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I am trying to perform queries using the OR operator as following:

  MapReduceResult result = riakClient.
            mapReduce("some_bucket", "Name:c1 OR c2").
            addMapPhase(new NamedJSFunction("Riak.mapValuesJson"), true).

I only get the 1st object in the query (where name='c1'). If I change the order of the query (i.e. Name:c2 OR c1) again I get only the first object in query (where name='c2').

is the OR operator (and other query operators) supported in the java client?

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I got this answer from Basho engeneer, Sean C.:

You either need to group the terms or qualify both of them. Without a field identifier, the search query assumes that the default field is being searched. You can determine how the query will be interpreted by using the 'search-cmd explain' command. Here's two alternate ways to express your query:

Name:c1 OR Name:c2

Name:(c1 OR c2)

both options worked for me!

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