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I am struggling with the logic to get hourly OPEN, HIGH, LOW and LAST_PRICE snapshot from Bloomberg using .Net API 3.0. I have googled it many times but with no luck! Any help on this will be much appreciated.

I am trying to find equivalent of following VBA BDH function in Bloomberg .Net API (C#).


where B5 is security name and C6:F6 contain OPEN, HIGH, LOW and LAST_PRICE fields. I have tried Intraday Bar request but it does not return same values as returned by this BDH function. Also, Historical Data request does not have HOURLY interval option, it starts from DAILY interval.

Following is the code which I have tried so far:

BBService refDataService = session.GetService("//blp/refdata"); 
BBRequest request = refDataService.CreateRequest("IntradayBarRequest"); 
request.Set("security", "SPX INDEX"); 
request.Set("eventType", "TRADE"); 
request.Set("interval", 120); // bar interval in minutes
request.Set("startDateTime", new BBDateTime(2012, 08, 11, 07, 30, 0, 0)); 
request.Set("endDateTime", new BBDateTime(2012, 08, 20, 18, 30, 0, 0)); 
session.SendRequest(request, null);
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Welcome on SO! Can you show us some code what you have tried so far, where do you have difficulties? –  nemesv Aug 20 '12 at 13:12

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in the Bloomberg API distribution, take a look at the great "examples" folder.

The sample application below implements your request.:


Basically the "core" is like that:

        Service refDataService = d_session.GetService("//blp/refdata");
        // create intraday bar request 
        Request request = refDataService.CreateRequest("IntradayBarRequest");
        // set request parameters
        request.Set("eventType", "TRADE");
        request.Set("security", "SPX Index");
        DateTime startDate = dateTimePickerStartDate.Value;
        DateTime endDate = dateTimePickerEndDate.Value;
        request.Set("startDateTime", new BDateTime(startDate.Year, startDate.Month, startDate.Day,
                startDate.Hour, startDate.Minute, startDate.Second, 0));
        request.Set("endDateTime", new BDateTime(endDate.Year, endDate.Month, endDate.Day,
            endDate.Hour, endDate.Minute, endDate.Second, 0));
        request.Set("gapFillInitialBar", True);
        // create correlation id
        CorrelationID cID = new CorrelationID(1);
        // send request
        d_session.SendRequest(request, cID);
        toolStripStatusLabel1.Text = "Submitted request. Waiting for response...";

and after the Submission, you must take the Bloomberg response, parse it and use it.

Happy coding.


Please find the result of the sample C# code and the equivalent request made by Bloomberg. Just keep in mind the difference in TimeZONE! When you code in C#, the Bloomberg library is in UTC, while using Excel addin the timezone is your Local Zone.

enter image description here

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Thanks stexcec for your response, I will give it a try. However, as I have already mentioned that I have already tried IntradayBarRequest type request but the results which I am getting through IntradayBarRequest are not matching with the results received from Excel BDH function. Only difference in your code is of "gapFillInitialBar" property and usage of "CorrelationID". Do you think setting these two things will make results from IntradayBarRequest correct? –  Ravinder Singh Aug 24 '12 at 10:09
@RavinderSingh: please find the edited post. Follow the sample, the C# and Bloomberg Excel addin are equivalent. –  stexcec Aug 24 '12 at 10:26
Ohh...I guess whole issue is related to TimeZone. Many thanks for your help @stexcec. Will check and vote your solution accordingly. –  Ravinder Singh Aug 24 '12 at 11:58
@RavinderSingh: did you find a solution? –  stexcec Aug 28 '12 at 9:00
Yes it worked! I tried with 60 minute interval and now data is matching with Excel request data. Its just that we need to be careful about time shift as pointed by you. For example, data for '8/30/2012 12:00:00 AM' in Excel is matching with data of '8/29/2012 6:30:00 PM' of C# results. Thank you so much stexcec for your help. Unfortunately I cannot up-vote your solution (it says I need at least 15 reputation points to vote). –  Ravinder Singh Aug 31 '12 at 12:42

You may worked this out already, but you need to be careful with the time zone of your times.

Bloomberg intraday times are all be in GMT - I think it says this in the docs somewhere. This applies to both "IntradayBarRequest" and "IntradayTickRequest".

N.b. this is different from a subscription to live data (e.g. using Subscription and Session), which uses your local time zone (as set in your Bloomberg Terminal). That is, of course, unless you use the override "useGMT".

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