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I have to integrate facebook like button in my android application. I have created a facebook page, and from the android application when user clicks the like button should likes the facebook page. I used facebook social plugin in web view and worked fine. Now I like to change the facebook social plugin like button icon/style to a new custom like button.

I think using custom like button with social plugin will cause branding issues (http://www.facebook.com/brandpermissions/logos.php). So I decided to go with opengraph api. I am new to opengraph.

I would like to know how to configure opengraph settings in facebook app page for like action?

I have no server for embedding opengraph objects, so how do I sent opengraph like request to facebook from my android application?

What are the resource bundle key values to be sent to facebook sdk?

Thanks in advance


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I would also like to add the Like button. If you get succeed, pls post the code. –  Manikandan Sep 24 '12 at 11:52
Is there already a solution? –  Oli Mar 18 '13 at 16:41

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Facebook recently update its SDK and it now provides an implementation for Like button (There is a news about it), take a look there to get a tutorial about that.

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