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I'm trying to programmatically obtain some kind of unique device identifier from Samsung smart TV device.

The closest thing i found in documentation is GetDUID function on SAMSUNG-INFOLINK-NNAVI object, but it requires to provide mac address which confuses me as to what purpose of this function really is.

My question: how to obtain for example device serial number or other information that uniquely identifies it.

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Wow. This on the one hand is a very good question, on the other hand, borders the too localized. –  Second Rikudo Aug 22 '12 at 13:43
is it powered by Android ? –  Clyde Lobo Aug 22 '12 at 15:12
@Clyde. No it's not. –  WojtekT Aug 22 '12 at 18:42

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Accordingly to SamsungDForum the way to get the DUID ("Device Unique ID") is:

In index.html add:

<object id='pluginNetwork' border=0 classid='clsid:SAMSUNG-INFOLINK-NETWORK'></object>
<object id='pluginObjectNNavi' border=0 classid='clsid:SAMSUNG-INFOLINK-NNAVI'></object>

And somewhere in your Javascriptː

var networkPlugin = document.getElementById('pluginNetwork');
var nnaviPlugin = document.getElementById('pluginObjectNNavi');
var deviceId = nnaviPlugin.GetDUID(networkPlugin.GetHWaddr());

I know that you've seen this, but I honestly don't think that there's other solution.

edit: Please check @IvanSolntsev answer if you're looking for a way to get the device ESN (Electronic Serial Number).

edit2: Updated DUID official documentation link.

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I agree with @Rui. Don't know other solution. –  Dobiatowski Aug 27 '12 at 12:39
Well then, here You go. –  WojtekT Aug 27 '12 at 13:02

You could use GetESN function

in html:

<object id='pluginExternal' border=0 classid='clsid:SAMSUNG-INFOLINK-EXTERNALWIDGETINTERFACE'></object>

in javascript:

var ExternalWidgetInterface = document.getElementById('pluginExternal');
var sn = ExternalWidgetInterface.GetESN("NFLX");
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Do you get the same result string using "GetESN" and "GetDUID" ? –  Rui Posse Jan 28 '14 at 13:41
No, GetESN is not exist in 2010 tv models API, it first appeared in 2011. DUID is somehow depend of MAC address (You may get 2 different id's if tv use wired and wireless network). Returned values of GetESN and GetDUID always differs. –  Ivan Solntsev Jan 30 '14 at 15:18

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