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I am using msbuild.exe to automate my build from the command line.

I do the following steps.

  • Compile projects into a folder each outside the project directory
  • zip every compiled project

here are my targets

first one to compile

<Target Name="BuildProjects"  DependsOnTargets="BeforeBuild">

  <BuildProjectFiles Include="**\MyCompany.Project1\MyCompany.Project1.csproj" />
  <BuildProjectFiles Include="**\MyCompany.Project2\MyCompany.Project2.csproj" />
  <BuildProjectFiles Include="**\MyCompany.Project2\MyCompany.Project2-CE.csproj" />
      ... and some more

    <MSBuild Projects="@(BuildProjectFiles)" Properties="AllowUnsafeBlocks=true;Configuration=$(Configuration);OutputPath=$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\Deploy\bin\%(BuildProjectFiles.FileName)">
        <Output TaskParameter="TargetOutputs"
                ItemName="BuildProjectsOutputFiles" />


and now the target to zip every compiled project to its one file.

<Target Name="ZipProjects" DependsOnTargets="BuildProjects">

        <Output TaskParameter="Include" ItemName="BuildProjectsOutputFiles123"/>

    <CreateItem Include="%(BuildProjectsOutputFiles123.RelativeDir)*" AdditionalMetadata="OutputFileName=$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\Deploy\dist\$(Configuration)\%(BuildProjectsOutputFiles123.AssemblyName)-$(MajorNumber).$(MinorNumber).$(ReleaseNumber).zip;WorkingDirectory=%(BuildProjectsOutputFiles123.RelativeDir)">
        <Output TaskParameter="Include" ItemName="BuildProjectsOutputFiles456"/>

    <Zip Files="@(BuildProjectsOutputFiles456)"
        ZipFileName="%(BuildProjectOutputFiles456.OutputFileName)"  />
        <!-- ZipLevel="9"/> -->


So what happens is that every project I specified in BuildProjectFiles gets compiled into the folder <rootdir>\deploy\bin\<name of the csproj file without extension\

In the second step I use the MSBuild.Community.Tasks Zip-Task to zip every project and copy it to <rootdir>\deploy\dist\release\<assemblyname>-<version>.zip

So basically the assembly project1.exe and its dependencies are in the file project1-2.4.7.zip after executing msbuild.

That works very well. But now I have a change that I can't figure out how solve. I have two assemblys with the same assembly name (one for Windows and the other for Windows CE) so the first project compiles and creates a folder project2-2.4.7.zip and then the next project compiles and overwrites the zip file.

Now I want the Zip-File to be named after the .csproj file (like the bin folder). Since my one project file is called mycompany.project2.csproj and the other one mycompany.project2-ce.csproj I should be fine.

In short: How can I pass the project name to the zip target?

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Is this suitable? $(MSBuildProjectName)

MSBuild Reserved Properties

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No, since my targets are located in the file build.targets this would generate a build-2.4.7.zip file (for every project and overwrite the previous file). But thanks for sharing the link, could be useful in the future. What I really need is to pass %(BuildProjectsInputFiles.FileName) to BuildProjectsOutputFiles so I can acces it from BuildProjectsOutputFiles123 –  SchlaWiener Aug 24 '12 at 7:58
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