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I have a test that looks like this:

test "should get create" do
   current_user =, email: '')
   assert_difference('Inquiry.count') do
     post :create,
    assert_not_nil assigns(:inquiry)
    assert_response :redirect

That's testing this part of the controller:

def create
    @inquiry =[:inquiry])
    @inquiry.user_id =
      flash[:success] = "Inquiry Saved"
      redirect_to root_path
      render 'new'

and the factory:

FactoryGirl.define do

  factory :inquiry do
    product_id 2
    description 'I have a question about....'

but I keep getting errors in my tests:

      1) Error:
RuntimeError: Called id for nil, which would mistakenly be 4 -- if you really wanted the id of nil, use object_id

What am I doing wrong? I need to set the current_user, and I believe I am in the test, but obviously, that's not working.

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There are several things which come to mind:, ...) returns unsaved instance of a user. I'd suggest to use Factory.create instead of it, because with unsaved instance there's no id and there's no way for (usually session based) current_user getter to load it from database. If you're using Devise, you should "sign in" user after creating it. This includes saving record in DB and putting reference to it into session. See devise wiki

Also, passing ActiveRecord object to create action like this looks weird to me:

post :create,

Maybe there's some rails magic in play which recognizes your intent, but I'd suggest doing it explicitly:

post :create, :inquiry =>

or better yet, decouple it from factory (DRY and aesthetic principles in test code differ from application code):

post :create, :inquiry => {product_id: '2', description: 'I have a question about....'}

This references product with id = 2, unless your DB doesn't have FK reference constraints, product instance may need to be present in DB before action fires.

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You didn't create current_user. It was initialized only in test block. There are two differents ways to do it:

First, use devise test helpers. Something like that

let(:curr_user) { FactoryGirl.create(:user, ...attrs...) }
sign_in curr_user

devise doc

Second, you can stub current_user method in your controllers for test env

controller.stub(current_user: FactroryGirl.create(:user, ...attrs...))

And you should use FactoryGirld.create(...) instead of, because you factory objects have to be persisted.(be saved in db and has id attribute not nil)

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