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In my website, users can visit category via example.com/category1, example.com/category2, etc. So I write the route rule as below:

match '/:category' => 'home#category', :constraints => ShowCategory.new

ShowCategory is a Class that make sure the category user visited is exist. At the same time, users can specify their personal domain name, then his/her profile page can be visited via url like example.com/peter. So There is another route rule:

match '/:user_domain' => 'Profiles#show'

Because I use the :constraints for category route, the routes didn't conflict. However, in the Profiles#show action I always get the parameters {'category' => 'peter'}, not {'user_domain' => 'peter'}.

How can I correct the parameter name? I don't want a parameter named category in the profiles controller.


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Showing the relevant code, your ShowCategory class, would be helpful –  deefour Aug 20 '12 at 14:42

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Well, the way you're naming your routes doesn't make much sense; it's making the routing engine confused. It should be categories/1 rather than category1.

As for the profiles, I guess the first rule and the to_param method should be enough.

# routes.rb
profile '/:user_domain', controller: 'profiles', action: 'show'
resources :profiles
resources :categories
# profile.rb
def to_param
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