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I am using the CSS Buttons With Icons But No Images.The icons are generated using unicode values.
In this I faced a problem that some browsers doesn't support some unicode values. So instead of proper icon it shows some unwanted symbol.

To provide support for Unicode in any browser what steps do we have to follow?

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This is primarily a font problem, but if the fonts listed in your CSS do not cover some character, then different browsers will use fallback fonts differently. The cure is to try and find a list of fonts that probably covers all the characters you use. The difficulty of doing this greatly depends on the characters you use. Using recently introduced characters in buttons is mostly pointless, because images work more reliably. Using characters in text proper is a different issue. See my Guide to using special characters in HTML for details.

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All browsers that support Unicode at all support all character codes, but not all fonts have character glyphs for all Unicode characters.

So, to get support for the characters that you want, you would need to provide download of a font that has those characters, in formats used by all different operating systems.

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is there any font which has almost all those characters? –  Prasad Jadhav Aug 21 '12 at 4:51
@PrasadJadhav check out shapecatcher.com/unicodefonts.html –  Mottie Mar 27 '13 at 5:57

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