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I have developed a Seaside 3.0 application in Pharo 1.4 and want do deploy it on Linode.

What (small) image do i load my application into for that purpose? And how?

I found Project Pharo Kernel 1.4 Seaside on the Pharo Jenkins Server, but as it seems to be without graphical user interface i do not know how to load my application into it and how to configure Seaside. Is it a good idea to use this image? How would i configure it?

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I think the best thing yo can do is to take a regular "1.4 summer" image and execute.

ScriptLoader new cleanUpForProduction. 

That will give you a perfectly operating 9m-sized image.

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OK, thank you. It works very well. My Seaside image goes from 27mb to 14mb. I guess i can unload further unneeded packages as it's done in ScriptLoader.. – Helene Bilbo Aug 20 '12 at 16:37

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