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I am using openvpn2.2.2 client for windows 7 to connect open vpn server on ubuntu 10.04. It is connected to the open vpn server but I am not able to access the internal network devices.

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Can you please post a bit more info? server.log? ping, trace results? Are you using a route (tun) setup or tap/bridge??? If its tun... maybe you're missing some routing setup... Can you post the openvon server config? –  Mikec Sep 27 '12 at 16:35

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you did not provide adequate information, however, these may be helpful

  1. You did not mention whether you are using bridged or routed setup, - if bridged, you will have to configure you server.conf file to use 'tap' device while 'tun' device is used for routed environment. The difference depends on whether you want your VPN server to forward layer 2 traffics (bridged) over the tunnel or not. When using bridge, It is also required that you have bridge-utils package installed on your server. you will then have to create the bridge (using a script) before starting the vpn. On how to achieve this, consult http://openvpn.net/index.php/open-source/documentation/miscellaneous/76-ethernet-bridging.html

  2. Also ensure that IP forwarding is enabled. You can enable it by using this command "echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward"

  3. ensure that there is no firewall policy blocking external traffics from reaching internal interface.
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