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New to Symfony2 and Doctrine2, i have a function in my entity repository to search entities after form submission. Input is array $get that contain form fields like $get['name'] = 'aname'.

My problem is that when i request with an id, or an id and a name, it's ok by with only a name, all my entities are matched because the query that has been build have no where clause.

Here is my code :

public function search(array $get, $flag = False){
/* Indexed column (used for fast and accurate table cardinality) */
$alias = 'd';

/* DB table to use */
$tableObjectName = 'mysiteMyBundle:DB';

$qb = $this->getEntityManager()

$arr = array();

//Simple array, will grow after problem solved
$numericFields = array(

$textFields = array(

while($el = current($get)) {
    $field = key($get);

    if ( $field == '' or $field == Null or $el == '' or $el == Null ) {

    if ( in_array($field,$numericFields) ){
        if ( is_numeric($el) ){
            $arr[] = $qb->expr()->eq($alias.".".$field, $el);
    } else {
        if ( in_array($field,$textFields) ) {
            $arr[] = $qb->expr()->like($alias.".".$field, $qb->expr()->literal('%'.$el.'%') );


if(count($arr) > 0) $qb->andWhere(new Expr\Orx($arr));
else unset($arr);

$query = $qb->getQuery();

  return $query;
  return $query->getResult();

The query generated with only a name (ex "myname") input is :

SELECT d0_.id AS id0 FROM DB d0_

It should be:

SELECT d0_.id AS id0 FROM DB d0_ WHERE d0_.name LIKE '%myname%'

What's wrong with my code ?

Thanks !

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I don't know if it's related, but do not use "OR" or "AND" operators, because they have a different meaning that the classic "&&" or "||". cf http://php.net/manual/en/language.operators.logical.php

So, first, replace "AND" by "&&", and "OR" by "||".

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Oh didn't know that. Thank you. I added 'data' => Null in my controller for the form fields, so now they are always set to Null as default. But it changes nothing :( Also put the two "if" in a conditional statement : "if ( !empty($field) && !empty($el) ) {" but doesn't change anything. –  user1254498 Aug 21 '12 at 6:41

you should use the setParameter method

$query->where('id = :id')->setParameter('id', $id);
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