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I'm looking for non-web-based tools to view IIS logs. I've been using LogParser but I was hoping for something with an interface. It doesn't need to do any fancy reports or charts -- just a list with some search filters is plenty. I need something lightweight that I can run directly on the web server, preferably without a complex install process.

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VisualLogParser wraps Log Parser in a GUI. I'm sure there are others as well, but it's fit the bill for me. All the yumminess of Log Parser, with a half-decent interface.

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I find that command-line tools are often enough. For example, to list all log entries with a 404 response:

findstr "404" logfilename > out.txt

Findstr supports regular expressions in the search term and wildcards in the filename, so it is quite flexible for dealing with logfiles.

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I'm intrigued why you need more of an "interface" than the command line interface already provided by LogParser? Are you struggling with the SQL-like syntax maybe or is there something else?

LogParser ticks ALL your other requirements. It totally rocks my socks.

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Nothing beats log parser. However, you may want to check out Sawmill & splunk.

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