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our selenium test are based on "gwt-debug-ids" - if i want to identify an element i set the id via uibinder or ensureDebugId method. But this fails on treeitems. it seems that gwt generates own ids for each treeitem. ensureDebugId("id") and getElement.setId("id") doesn't work. i guess the ids are generated on render time?! in my case each tree item is associated with a data object with its own id. i need the treeitem id to be my own id or at least this id must be a part of the resulting id.

how to achieve that?

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In the GWT documentation it says:

An item that can be contained within a Tree. Each tree item is assigned a unique DOM id in order to support ARIA. See Accessibility for more information.

ARIA stands for Accessible Rich Internet Applications a specification for making web applications accessible via a standard set of DOM attributes.

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adding an prefix or suffix won't break the uniqueness?! but with it i could selenium test the tree. –  dermoritz Aug 21 '12 at 8:56

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