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as we know CvKnearest neighbor get input in this manner

CvKNearest::CvKNearest(const Mat& trainData, const Mat& responses, const Mat& sampleIdx=Mat(), bool isRegression=false, int max_k=32 )
or in this manner

CvKNearest::CvKNearest(const CvMat* trainData, const CvMat* responses, const CvMat* sampleIdx=0, bool isRegression=false, int max_k=32 )

But I have two cv::Mat* for trainData and response. how can i convert them to match one of these two input format for CvKnearest?

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You can dereference the pointers you have and use the first one.

For example, if you have cv::Mat* myTrainData and cv::Mat* myResponses, then:

CvKNearest::CvKNearest(*myTrainData, *myResponses, const Mat& sampleIdx=Mat(), bool isRegression=false, int max_k=32 )     
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thank you very much – user1600017 Aug 20 '12 at 18:19

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