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I'm pretty new to Zend-Framework, but I managed to build a simple site in my PC with 2 pages that show the content of a table in a local database. The problem is that when I installed the site on the server, it didn't work because in the production server the connection to the local mysql server must be established using SSL.

I searched for the keys that I need to add to the application.ini to enable the ssl connection but I couldn't find any in the ZendFramework documentation. Here is the code of my application.ini

    resources.multidb.config.adapter = "pdo_mysql" = "localhost"
    resources.multidb.config.username = "Administrator"
    resources.multidb.config.password = "xxx"
    resources.multidb.config.dbname = "config"
    resources.multidb.config.default = true 

do you know if the ZendFramework supports ssl connection to mysql server and how to configure it? if no: is there some workaround?

Thanks for your help

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Answered:… – Marc Aug 20 '12 at 15:13

I don't think it's currently supported. Carl Welch patched it in ticket #6140 (see the library.diff attachment), however, changes don't seem to be in the trunk yet.

I suggest to vote for the issue (you have to log in first).

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