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Is there a way to invoke a method after all @After annotated methods of a test method had been run? I need this for a special framework for my company. In testng i can use the afterInvocation method, which is called after every configuration method. Is there some alternative in JUnit?

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A rule will run after all the @Afters. The ExternalResource could be abused in order to do what you want:

public class VerifyTest {
    @Rule public ExternalResource externalResource = new ExternalResource() {
        public void after() {

    public void after1() {

    public void after2() {

   public void testVerify throws IOException {
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thx, i didn't know about rules until this time. But i found out that the method testFinished from RunListener is also called after all @After methods. –  theBell Aug 21 '12 at 8:59

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