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I created form with editable table and submit button:

            protected void populateItem(final Item<Game> listItem) {
                final Game game = listItem.getModelObject();
                listItem.setModel(new CompoundPropertyModel<Game>(game));
                listItem.add(new TextField("players", Model.of(game.getPlayerResult().getPlayer().getName() + ":"
                        + game.getOpponent().getPlayer().getName())));
                listItem.add(new TextField("leftSide", Model.of(game.getResult().getLeftSide())));
                listItem.add(new TextField("rightSide", Model.of(game.getResult().getRightSide())));
                listItem.add(new CheckBox("overtime", Model.of(game.getResult().getOvertime())));


now I want to save new value which I insert but when I call:

       add(new Button("submit") {

            private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

            public void onSubmit() {

                Iterator<Item<Game>> a = dataView.getItems();
                while (a.hasNext()) {
                    Game game = a.next().getModelObject();     
                setResponsePage(new SchedulePage(tournament, table));

it prints still old value. So how I can get table with new values ?

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The way you're doing it, the text fields cannot write back the values into your domain objects.

Learn about models then use the appropriate one:

listItem.add(new TextField("rightSide", new PropertyModel(game, "result.rightSide")));

There are many other options, e.g. safemodel:


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