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I am beginner with rspec.

Case Example:


def index

Need to test:

  1. value of id
  2. value of @nameTest

My code that fails:

it "basic test for index" do
      get :index,:id => 'myid'
      response.code.should eq("200")
      assigns(:id).should be_kind_of('myid')
      assigns(@nameTest).should be_kind_of('myidtest')


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You have several errors in your test:

  1. You try to test value of id, but id is local method variable and it will desappear after index method execution. It is impossible to test what value was assigned to local variable. Actually it does not make sense - in specs you need to test only result of the method execution (returned value, changed state etc.).

  2. You check assigned value with be_kind_of checker. But be_kind_of checks that value on the left is of specified class, not the specified value. If you need to check value, then you can use == checker.

Correct test for your action is the following:

it "basic test for index" do
  get :index, :id => 'myid'

  response.code.should eq("200")

  assigns(:nameTest).should == 'myidtest'
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