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My application is preparing a cover-sheet for submitting documents by fax. I identify the batch by printing a Code39 on it.

The incoming faxes are received as tif files and my small c# service is polling for new faxes and calling a decoding function.

Currently I use a Win32 dll to recognize the barcode (QSbar39) and I am facing some problems with it - timeouts, hangs, errors etc. which are painful to handle.

I'd prefer the have some free .Net component or an open source class to integrate.

Whould you take a different approach? What tool do you use?

Many thanks for your answers!

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As a matter of curiosity, how did you produce the code39 barcode? – Peter Wone Oct 18 '08 at 10:59
Just use the appropiate font and enclose your string with an asterix. – Oli Nov 28 '08 at 13:53

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BarBara is an open source barcode recognition library. It certainly isn't perfect, but I have gotten it to work (if I remember it needed some twiddling to get it to compile in VS2008) pretty well.

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I've used this java libarary with good results, and have gotten it to compile in .Net with minimal effort. It's been around for a while and works pretty well. It had some minor issues with EAN codes, but that has probably been resolved now.

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I'm not sure there is anything available free or open source, but VintaSoftBarcode.NET Library is pretty cheap and did the job for me on a recent project.

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