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I have text like this (1 or 0 tab + multiple whitespaces at line beginning):

(tab)   There are a tab and 4 whitespaces before me.    // line 1
(tab)     There are a tab and 6 whitespaces before me.  // line 2
       There are 6 whitespaces before me.               // line 3
   There are 4 whitespaces before me.                   // line 4   

When i use ^[\t\s]\s*, only line 1,2 are matched, line 3, 4 are not matched, why?

(When i use ^\s*, line 3 and 4 can be matched.)


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That is interesting. I'm not sure why the \s doesn't work inside of [] brackets. Perhaps it is because [] defines explicit characters and \s is ambiguous (it can stand for multiple characters). In other words \s stands for any whitespace, including a tab(\t). However, if you explicitly specify a space in this case (^[\t ]\s*) it will work.

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Yes, that is what i tried and found out (after 46 times of trying). Thanks. – lukmac Aug 20 '12 at 15:24

It turns out that you can not use \s to match whitespace within []. Just use to match it within [].

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Correct. \t is an escape sequence for <Tab> (like \n), but \s is a special atom. These have to be combined like this: \(\s\|[\t]\) – Ingo Karkat Aug 20 '12 at 15:45

As noted \s doesn't work within [], alternatively you could use the [:blank:] character class:

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