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How can I insert non printable characters in one of the columns of DB2 table.

For example, I need to insert new line character and carriage return in one of the columns for testing purpose.

I am using DB2V9.

Please advice.

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On what platform? And how are you performing the inserts? You're going to have to show some code here. –  Clockwork-Muse Aug 20 '12 at 15:58
I got it, for carriage return, we could use the below code <code>update emp set empname='RECEIVING'||chr(10)||'COMP 01' where empno=123</code> . For new line character, we could use chr(13) –  Abs Aug 20 '12 at 16:47

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To specify characters in a single-byte character set [SBCS] that are not mapped to your keyboard you can use hexadecimal literal. For example, you mention chr(10), which would be written as X'0A' or x'0a', and chr(13) would be x'0d'. Both characters together would be x'0a0d'.

See Constants in the SQL Reference in the DB2-LUW v9 Information Center

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