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I'm trying to use Beyond Compare as my diff tool in Bazaar Explorer.

In Settings > Configuration > User Configuration > Diff

I added

Name: Beyond Compare

Command: C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 3\BComp.exe

Note: No quotes.

This works fine, as in if i right click a folder, Tortoise Bazaar > Diff > External Diff > Beyond Compare

Then Beyond Compare opens and shows me the diff on the first file. However, if there are many files with changes in a folder. I have to close Beyond Compare only for it to reopen with the next changed file. How to i get all the changed files to open as separate tabs in the same Beyond Compare window?

I have tried BComp.com, BComp.exe and BCompare.exe and none seem to work as i want.

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It looks like this may have been improved in qbzr 0.23, which is compatible with bzr 2.6, of which the second beta is currently available.

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