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I want each even item in the ListView to be of different color. For this purpose I used the following code :

public void bindView(View row, Context ctxt, Cursor c) {
            ViewHolder holder = (ViewHolder) row.getTag();
            if (c.getPosition() % 2 == 0) {

            holder.populateFrom(c, mDbHelper);

But the item isn't highlighted after the touch event. Please advice how to overcome this.


As Gophermofur advice I created a selector:

<selector xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android">

    <item android:drawable="@drawable/list_activated_holo" android:state_activated="true"/>
    <item android:drawable="@color/item_back_color"/>


Now it works on Jelly Bean and does not on Gingerbread. Any thoughts?

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Items in a listview aren't actually defined as solid colours (black or white), they are defined using selectors where there are multiple colours for different states (normal = black, pressed = orange, focused = blue, etc).

When you start replacing the background colour of items in the listview with a solid colour, it overrides that selector so there are no longer different colours for different states.

Normally a listview selector is applied to the entire listivew, however, you may be able to apply it directly to an item's background or selector (I'm not sure and I can't test at the moment).

Take a look at these links to see how to create a selector XML file:


SO Question

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it's clear about selectors, not really about how can I apply directly to at item's background or selector. –  Eugene Aug 20 '12 at 17:04
Have you tried replacing the R.drawable.dark_item_background with R.drawable.[Selector_Name]? Selectors, once created and put in the drawable folder, should be given a resource id and you should be able to reference them like you would reference any drawable. –  Gophermofur Aug 20 '12 at 17:11
I have tried this approach. It works on Jelly Bean and does not on Gingerbread. Do you know why? –  Eugene Aug 20 '12 at 17:41

Now it works on Jelly Bean and does not on Gingerbread. Any thoughts?

I'm not sure what your drawable/list_activated_holo is, but by the name of it it sounds like its using the android Holo theme - which was only added in API level 14. http://developer.android.com/design/style/themes.html

You'll need to define the colours in your own values/colors.xml if you want to use them on devices running less than API level 14.

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