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I want to measure the performance of a program which is compiled into a .class file. I do not access to the code to add stopwatch methods to it. Thank you.

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You can:

  • use a profiler

  • call this Java code from another class, which you can write. You can access Java methods inside .class file without having the source code

  • decompile the .class file, inject watches and compile back

  • use compile- or load-time weaver and AOP to weave watches to existing classes (essentially does the same thing as above)

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You could use a Java profiler like the one called JVisualVM that comes with the Java distribution.

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On a Unix/Linux system, you can try the time command.

time java myClassFile
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This class is like a program or library?

  1. LIBRARY: get System.nanoTime or System.currentTimeMillis before creation or runing method for this class and after that. Math substraction can you tell how long it's take.
  2. PROGRAM/LIBRARY: You can decompile this class and put instructions to measurement time (as above)
  3. PROGRAM: you can use JAMON API
  4. PROGRAM (for example SPRING): Use AOP method to put instruction before creating object and after deconstruction.
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