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I have to add text or background image as "DRAFT" for report when it match certain condition.I have to dynamically enable or display birt report back ground text ?

I am looking forward to hear any ideas.

Thanks In Advance. Thillakan.

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To set up a static background image as you would:

  • Select the master page in your report workspace.
  • Select the "Properties" tab.
  • Expand the Simple Master Page" section.
  • Set the background image.

However, to make it dynamic based on something (such as a parameter), you can use Javascript to manipulate the report items directly. This is covered in chapter 13 of "Integrating and Extending BIRT" which, along with "BIRT, A Field Guide to Reporting", every BIRT report designer should have.

The easiest way is to name your master page specifically in the report designer and use ReportDesignHandle.findElement(<name>) to get its handle. Then use a setter to dynamically change the background image. The beforeRender script is the one where you want to put all this code which sets the background image.

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Hi pax, Thanks for your info. In addition to this, I created a style and set the style to Simple Master Page" section. I put the static background image but when i tried to view as PDF report, back ground image does not appear. It works for html viewer. I had access to A Field Guide to Reporting but it is some where lost :(. Anyway thanks for your time, I will look in to the scripting part. Thillakan – T.S Jul 30 '09 at 8:35
The field guide is okay but you'll need the integrating/extending book if you want to do really fancy Java/Javascript report manipulation. – paxdiablo Jul 30 '09 at 10:52

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