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I have a simple question. How do we expand all groups by just one click? And also how do collapse all of them?

enter image description here

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should be in the right click menu. –  elyashiv Aug 20 '12 at 17:05
Also, are you familiar with the CTRL-M + CTRL-O, and CTRL-M + CTRL-P keyboard shortcuts? –  itsme86 Aug 20 '12 at 17:06

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If by Groups you mean Regions/Outlines, there a number of region controls in the Edit -> Outlining Menu (which also have handy hotkeys).

You may be interested in 'Toggle All Outlining' - Ctrl-M, Ctrl-L, or 'Collapse to Definitions' - Ctrl-M,Ctrl-O.

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Toggle All Outlining: Ctrl + M, L

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I'm not aware of a one-click method, but you can

  • Stop Outlining Ctrl-M, P
  • Toggle all Outlining Ctrl-M, L
  • Toggle Outlining Expansion Ctrl-M, M
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CTRL+M CTRL+M - collapse/open the current parent region

CTRL+M CTRL+L - Collapse/Open all regions in document recursively (meaning you might get only one line in the document - one big namespace region which is collapsed or you'll see the entire page code uncollapsed

CTRL+M CTRL+O - Collapse all regions not recursively

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Cannot do this in 1 click. But mebbe 2.

Collapse to definitions: Hold your Ctrl key, hit M and then O.
Toggle All Outlining: Hold your Ctrl key, hit M and then L.


Just go to the right-click menu in Outlining. You have all the options there.

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